June 13th, 2004


Art Auction and new site

Yesterday was the art auction at Slifer House. It's the 2nd one I've helped at. This year I figured I might try to bid on something. There was a neat photographic print of an interior of an abandoned house in Bloomsberg. Well, I told mom to go up to 30$ but it went to 45$...

At the end of the auction gram asked: Did you win your picture?
I said no. I said I didn't have 50$! ;_;
Pap said: Why don't you go take it?
I said: Ok-I am sure nobody will notice! :3
Mom said: She doesn't know.
Me: O.o?
Pap: I bought that picture for you!

I nearly cried of happy joy and gave him a big hug ^_^ Then I glopmed gram. heehee! Yay! The print is on the piano and it's really cool ^_^

Beacause of my work with that and the concert on Thursday I get Monday off. My boss is gonna go to Maryland and visit his mom. He is also gonna eat a lot of crabs :3

I have been working on my website!! I even made a whole page for livejournal icons ^____^

** http://visions.onestarrynight.com/creative.html **

Stop in and say hi ^^ heee!! ^_^
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