June 21st, 2004


Day off

What do I do with a day off work? Let's see:

-wake up late^^
-work on my Sakura cosplay
-finally download programs to remove annoying and nasty spyware
-talk to ppl online
-get my blood tested
-and other random stuff like pick at my in progress bracelets, snack on gummies, listen to music, those such things^^

My computer's been acting oddly, but I hope it is ok. It kinda makes me paranoid.

I am still waiting for my book to come in the mail :3 *impatient* :p
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new layout!

My lj has a new layout: Dune, Inama Nushif!! All golds and light and lines-I like it :3 It's a refreshing change^_^

you're welcome to come on over and visit ^.^
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