July 16th, 2004


Wow work = Botanical exhibit

Botanical exhibits are fun to set up, but not when I have to work all the normal day's hours AND the night. And today was my first day back to work since I returned to PA yesterday!

It was kinda neat though.
We set up each room with a different floral theme.
Parlor=Roses & Tulips
Kitchen=Fruits & Veggies
Family Room="a plethora of plants" ^.^
Hall=Fans with flowers
Dressing Room=Crysanthemum
Guest Bedroom=laces, black on the white bed and white on the black fainting couch :) That was my idea and it turned out nice ^_^ It even carries into the white matted floral prints on either side of the mourning portrait ^_^

So the museum director, Christopher, and I all worked on setting up all the botanical items (well, Christopher didn't really do much work but lol! ^^ just kidding :p)

The best part was that I got to wear the beautiful black opera cape and my favorite black feathered bonnet ^_^ Sugoi!

So it was cool :)
But now I am super-uber-exhausted...

But I had to come onto my computer to make new icons and check email etc. So I've been awake a whole hour longer than I thought possible lol

So I bid you all good night ^_^

*tries not to think about floral motifs*

PS-got new glasses-I like 'em, but (as with all new glasses) they are giving me a headache...or could it be the mothballs at work? O.o;;;
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