July 17th, 2004


Icons are my happiness ^_^

Because I am sick...
My desktop background is now a collage of icons I have made and adore ^_^

Yeah the icon-addiction is scary isn't it?
(:3 buahahahaa!)
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Light Effects

Light can be beautiful ^_^
And it can appear in so many ways.

Scenario 1- Upon waking, the flickering, rotating speckling glow of early clear light shot through a small hanging crystal prism.

Scenario 2- In the darkness, multicolored flashing of DDR lights. The pulsing neon glow is enhanced by the fact that thew shifting dancers' feet break up the light bursts. In the end, there is an effect of broken movement and of a time-space illusion, as though the dancers' feet are moving in unnatural ways.

Scenario 3- White sunglow glistening on clear blue bay waters under a noonday sun. Ah, the Tampa Bay.

I love light. Light makes color. And color is wonderful ^_^
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Clover theme

A new layout here-clover style ^_^
Come by and see what you think!!

I was going to update lj about some additional story ideas but my brain feels rather fried right now O.o; So I am going to wait-the notes are recorded in my drawing pad anyway ^_^

So that's all I have for now!
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