July 18th, 2004


Airsoft <3

I love airsoft ^_^

I am really wishing I could buy an airsoft rifle...though deciding which one is really tough O.o I must say that I like Davey's GSR-10 is quite nice and I really like it ^_^ But then there's the Tokyo Marui AEG - G3 SG1 that I had an eye on since looking through the little catalogue which came with my brother's airsoft gun... Ah one day I shall get one and many fun hours of target practice! ^_^
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Farpass Story-light, color, ideas

General desc.-My "Farpass" story takes place in a fantasy setting: Farpass is the rich and new land and Aestalea is the ancient northern land of rock and water.

I have been working on random story facts and characters.

In both Farpass and Aestalea, death rites and practices of mourning are highly respected. In Aestalea, the importance of stones and minerals/gems has rooted itself in the practice of pebble gathering and memorial beads. A shrine maiden at the chapel weaves bracelets of these memorial beads and offers them to mourners as a means of channeling their prayers. Mostly, the beads are clear or light colored, like the sky just before dawn. The shrine, also, follows this color scheme of crystal.

Farpass has adopted the practice, but in a different way. Their land is fertile and full of color and life. Their shrine is wooden and painted with detailed mosaics. Their icons are guilded and glorious in deep colors. The memorial beads are of various and dark shades.

Lady Fabia, of Farpass, is the keeper of the Shrine of her port. Later on, she journeys to Aestalea to live there and raise a family with her husband, a fisherman off the coast of Lynelfalyth. She visits the Aestalean shrine maiden, Ceile, and there the brilliant and rich midday meets the edge of light, brightness and darkness.

Ceile is named after the spirit who was said to guide the ocean wanderers. According to legend, she was given this charge only by sacrificing her right to ever partake in life on land or with other main spirits. She valued the isolated purity of the sea, but it is lonely, and she is reduced to take only the form of wind and tear. She often is found mourning over loss while at the same time shining crystal light to the purest regions of nature.
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