July 20th, 2004


up-set & broken schema

Schema: what your mind sets as an expectation or category by which it deals with all new experiences...
But when the schema is not met or when it is shaken..one is lef in an upset situation.

It's like when you are not paying attention as you descend a staircase and the last step pases and you didn't realize it-next thing you know, it feels as though your foot is stepping through the floor, but you are really on flat land.

Or how you teeter when your leg is numb-even though it is there, supporting, you can't seem to feel it and therefore fall over in lack of faith of its prescence.

With change, the mind is confused and off guard.
One has broken the schema.

That's all the same as culture shock. The schema is totally shaken and one is left in shock.

I haven't had any schema breaking recently but I have been searching for stuff in my room. I organized a few weeks ago, so where I expect things to be is not where they are. I can even visualize in my mind where the notebook is, but when I open the drawer, I see it isnt there. Because I moved it. And it is confusing.

Right now my mind feels rather disjointed and set out of place.
Don't mind me ^_^
But it is rather annoying to feel this way O.o
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