July 21st, 2004


Normal doings

Yesterday I beat Zelda: Majora's Mask without the Feirce Diety Mask! w00tage!

I sketched at work-some pretty neat drawings of my personality characters. The line style and angles reflect their attitudes, the way a real drawing should.

Now, I smell chicken cooking in the oven. Mmm.

Watched Halo Red vs Blue clips a few minutes ago with my brother and now I am talking on IM to Robert :)

There might be some cosplay work going on tonight. Might be some drawing, watching Tv, for sure some IM-ing and movie watching.

Listening to "Strawberry Merigold"
I feel strange enough to cry

I am happy.
Life is normal and good.
Many times I forget to appreciate that.
We often do not appreciate things until they are gone.
But I wanna break that rule ^_^
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    Strawberry Merigold