July 28th, 2004


Slifer Night

Dipping ice cream as fast as possible, even though the vanilla is hard as a rock from being in the Ridgecrest's deep freezer... the cooks at Ridgecrest had been confused when we showed up asking for the museum's ice cream.
They never understand what or who we are.
They just hand over the ice cream with skeptical looks and silent muttrings.
No one ever informs them of our importance and no one there realizes that the museum is an important place.

But we know.
We work there ^_^
Christopher stands next to me, scooping the chocolate. Even dad got pulled into this, and he got the strawberry.

The night air is oddly cool, and slightly damp, but then again, Slifer House sits above the Susquehanna River. A lovely Victorian mansion stucco-ed in the 1900's with grey plaster and filled with people young and old enjoying Big Band music. It's wonderful. The olf people come from their apartments on campus, there, at Riverwoods and Ridgecrest and the like. The young have strung leaves on twigs to make new musical instruments and they play along with the band.

But I am not with them.
I am in the back, behind the scenes, scooping ice cream.
Cold, wet, sticky vanilla.
I have my eye on the chocolate, though. I remember it is very tasty. I can't wait till we have dipped the 150 bowels till I can make my own bowl ^_^

Me and Christopher chat, like brother and sister, about work, about the ghost stories we have been reading on lunch breaks online. It's so creepy but almost fun, and it passes the time. We get along well. We enjoy the time we spend working together at the old house with our boss, Gary. Yep, that's the summer. The three Musketeers! ^.^

It is so nice out. The ice cream is good. The company is nice. It is not so bad working at night at the museum for the summer concert series!
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