August 2nd, 2004


Otakon 2004

I have to say it:

Otakon was great stuff! The cosplaying was so fun, our group was great, we got to attend a Japanese rock concert, and I got tons of photos!

So, here's an in depth but quick run-through of the convention as experienced by Setsuka-chan^^ it is really long, so I put it behind the cut so as not to take up tons of room on everybody's friends page ^^
Collapse )<:) I would have carried you on my back if my feet weren't already also so sore^^ I hope everybody else had a good time and got home safely ^___^ I am really glad I could cosplay with such fun people^^ And I am so happy that Oliver could come :D I hope you liked the con ^_^ I hope I wasn't too much of the crazed fangirl (okok, yes I was^^, but I hope it didn't scare you too much <:) heehee)! It was really fun seeing you and I hope you can come again next summer ^__^ (And I hope Panda had fun too) :) I I hated saying goodbye cause I won't see everybody for a while, but time will pass by pretty fast and before we know it, I'll be back at Gettysburg and all ^_^ Well, that's the update for now! For the rest of the day I shall be hunting pics of our group :3
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I am really happy!! I got my photos developed and they turned out really well!! The ones of my Rock costume are so cool! And I love the pics I snagged of Sniper Wolf and Treize! XDXD *squee!* And the group pic from Sunday after the con is *so* good! XD I miss you all!!!

Well, I have been chained to my comp trying to upload pictures since 8 pm, so I am gonna go chill with my family for a little so they don't hate me for ignoring them ^.^
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