August 28th, 2004


my feet really hate me today^^

Just a random post cause I am bored and waiting for tomorrow when I move into my host family.

I am doing good - relaxing a bit from the craziness of orientation. It's nice.

But I stubbed my toe on the door and cut it and now it is really made at me^^ lol! And my blisters have yet to uh go away so I am avoiding walking for the day! But that's fine, as I can sit here and rest before classes start up Monday O_o

I got placed in level 2 of JPN writing and level 3 in speaking...I am kinda worried about yeah. I hope it goes ok O_o??

Sorry if I have been slow in replying to emails - time online is really scarce here.

I hope my brtoher has a good time at his Halo tournament tomorrow ^^ I gave him his birthday present early so he'd have good luck: a "Red vs Blue" Grif tee shirt! yay! I think he liked it ^.^

Well, I am going to go back upstairs and check my toe to see if it is starting to heal over yet - ick - but I will try to let everybody know how the homestay is asap^^

Have a great weekend everyone!
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