September 9th, 2004


Random-Japan-Post 9/9/04

It's time for a random post from.....JAPAN! ^_^
Let's see what interesting things I can come up with today...

Terebi related (TV) Commercials
--I saw Dr Yukio Hattori (announcer on 'Iron Chef') on a TV commercial for some shopping thing! Yay! It was very exciting!
--Also, there is a commercial for this brand of tea where the guy wear yukata and yells: Ooooooiii! Ocha! [Or, Ooooooi tea!] lol I kept seeing it so much that I went and bought a bottle of the tea and though it is very hard to get used to, I think I am starting to like it! Ooooooiiiii! ^.^

Terebi related (TV) Shows
--Something interesting I saw here on TV was a show about blood types where they grouped young kids according to type and recorded what their reactions were to different stimuli. In one, they set out cupcakes under a lid and the teacher left the room. Type A blood type spent the whole time wondering if they should/shouldn't eat. Type B just dug right in and ate them all. And of type AB/O, I forget which was which but.. one set waited patiently for the teacher to return and give them the "ok" and the other kinda took samplings of the snacks ^_~ It was very cute!

Manga related
--I bought the Wednesday issue of Shounen Magazine for the laest chapter of Tsubasa! I have yet to read it but it includes some sort of fair/park and a character seated on top a lotus who reminds me of the angsty dreamgazer in X.
--In two weeks, the first volume of CLAMP no kiseki comes out!!!
--Going to book off with Gina today to find more manga to drool over XD

History related
--I've learned that if you see a hill of trees in the Osaka region, it is almost certain that it is an ancient funeral mound. I have heard that there is one near the seminar houses, that it is just a park (if you wanted you could have lunch there, like at Gettysburg's Devil's Den), and that it is haunted. And related to that, if I were to see Fatal Frame being played here, I would be scared outta my socks! lol! That game=traditional Japanese village O_o so cool ^_^ Yae! The mask is the key to the door!

Language related
I learned a word: Yugen. It means: the beauty found when something is not wholey revealed to you. In other words, you must dicover it yourself, bit by bit, and enjoy the beauty as you would a journey. I think that's kinda neat ^_^

Well, that's the latest of the random news ^_^
Off I go to uh avoid my massive amounts of homework XD
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