September 18th, 2004


Time passes!?

I got here to the computer lab at 9:15 am and now it is 12:10 am already?! It doesn't feel like any time has passed at all and yet it's been 3 whole hours!
The main reason I came here was to research Noh masks for my paper. Instead, I came on AIM and you can guess what I have been doing for 3 hours. AIM and catching up on my backlog of emails! ^_^ It's good.

strawberry=the good life!
do you like strawberry?
That's what my Engrish shirt says!

Now the question is-how long does it take to ship things from - cause my friend placed an order and included two things I wanted: The CLAMP South Side Artbook with すきだからすき! and also the 吉田松陰 DVD! I am sooo incredibly excited and impatient! XD
I guess I should first look forward to Kyoto, then CLAMP no kiseki and THEN the amazon order. But I am silly like that and never do things in order! :p
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