October 7th, 2004


Brain fried. Feilds trimmed. Weird ppl! and pokemon ^^

The feilds are harvested. The air is cool enough to cause the appearance of people wearing long sleeved clothing. My brain feels cluttered.

That described the week.
I've been busy every school hour this week. I had my long stretch of classes Monday, did my Language Lab work Tuesday, did library research yesterday, pick up my Alien Registration today. Everyday had it's classes and its big task. The evenings have been me sketching notes in my drawing pad, watching more random documentaries, listening to Canadian-Irish drinking songs and Jars of Clay for the first time in months, trying to pet the cat, and trying to make myself study...

But overall my head is swimming, even when I take a whole evening and try to be social with my host mom who cooks, eats, and watches TV together with me in the lviing room...さあ..

But life isn't "bad". Although last night after watching some special about muderers and a guy who tried to mummify his dead lover - not to mention that when I was walking home from Kayashima last night, some punk slowed down his motorcycle as he went past in this rather suspicious way...ちかん?! Anyway, due to all of that, I couldn't sleep right away!!! O_o;;;; *paranoid* Next, I'll start seeing the ghosts of dead Shinto priests wearing demon exorcism masks like in Fatal Frame... きやあああ!

So, life is a cycle of work and rest with a lot of random studying, scaryiness, and hopefulness in between!! ^_^
Isn't it interesting??

No wonder my brain is fried^^

At least I've been able to greatly work on development of my Tea Ceremony- Yukio story/future manga(?). Mmm I like the way it's looking ^.^ (But then again, I always say that before I change the same details over and over..)

Anyway - Yay for the upcoming weekend!!!
Hope lives on!!!
And, Gina, I am looking forward to Saturday for a fun day at the Pokemon store and doing other randomly fun, kawaii, and awesome things! ^_~ YAY!
...I am gonna buy p-l-u-s-h-i-e-s! *^__^* えへへ!
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