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October 25th, 2004


Yep, my brain feels all clogged. I have a thousand memos spinning inside...for exampls:
-do class reading before class
-do composition test review after class
-return library book
-plan meeting with Japanese student Tuesday
-"" Thursday
-buy new sketchpad
-scan photos
-do paperwork
-edit essay

So I can't really process anything else in my head at the moment.

The weekend went ok. Saturday was fun relaxing and watching movies. I also was skimming the Clover books I got. And I have come to the conclusion to keep an eye out for "Watashi no suki no hito" if the bookstores have it. Sunday, I worked on ym presentation for language, went to the onsen, and had a nice chat with my host mom. Today I had a surprise quiz and probably another quiz soon in ethics. I really just want to rest, but I am way drowned in homework I put off or forgot about this weekend...

I can't really give much more interesting information at the moment, so I'll sign off and get some homework out of the way.

random images

Here's four random shots from my first roll of film - nothing exciting - but I felt like sharing anyway!

The Asukadera Buddha- This is located in the Temple in Askua, Nara Prefecture. It is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) Buddhist image created within Japan. It has been highly damaged over the years, however, and gone under much repair. Still, it was neat that we were allowed to photograph it!!

A tomb in Askua. We were allowed to go inside this tomb - it is empty today. But as we entered, my professor said: "This would be a bad time for an earthqauke!!" Megan's response: O_o;;;; uh-oh... (heehee!)

My tatami floor!! Isn't it fun??

My Engrish shirt!! You gotta love the engrish!

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