November 24th, 2004


In spite of craziness. . .

Despite the fact that I am chaoticly busy and my short-term memory is crammed to overflow, I am happy ^_^ I am in a bouncy mood today for no apparent reason.

good things:
-going to Hagi this weekend!
-in Hagi I will buy many charms for luck
-I am not in pain today (this is for the first time in a week or two!)
-my package from home should arrive soon
-in the package is a reply from Mr Lee Ingleby^^
-tonight I am free to be lazy!
-the host family's cat is all happy 'n cute when he sits on the heated run - and I can actually touch him!!

not so good things:
-2 essays due next week
-a big test this week, and 3 next week in language
-3 finals the week after next
-running low on money... again...^^
-my new bed is too short and my legs hang off the end!
-I haven't seen Gina in a while ;_;
-Japanese "cheesecake" is a lie! lies!

*dances around, finishes Hagi plans, avoids essays* This is the good life! It's a beautiful day! Wheee I am either insane or experiencing one last jolt of adrenaline.

I need paintshop right now...and a screencap program...gahahaa!
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