November 26th, 2004


Day before Hagi

Tomorrow is the fateful day of the Hagi trip!
I am crossing my fingers about travel..and not getting lost..and finding things in the city!! I am very excited and actually looking forward to waking up at 4 am tomorrow XD Then I get to take a train to Gotenyama, a train to Yodoyabashi, a subway to Shinosaka, a shinkansen to Yamaguchi, and a bus to Hagi *inhales* It should be amazing! I am going to pray at the Shoin Shrine! I am happy! I am gonna buy charms galore and random merchandise with Yoshida Shoin on it! And above all I am gonna take a million photographs!! And then make a ton of web-art when I return home!

And more good news- after Hagi, I finish up some papers, cram a lot, and then I am free of school for the semester! free of school! I am happy!

I hope everything works out this weekend or else I will be crazy! In any case, the work next week will make me crazy! ^_^ But that's what gives life its kick!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and have a wonderful weekend!! ^_^
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