November 29th, 2004


Hagi - Yoshida Shoin Shrine Weekend

It was the Hagi weekend this past weekend! It was the most amazing weekend of my life ^_^ Gina and I took the Shinkansen to Yamaguchi and then the bus to Hagi, and then we spent two days walking around Hagi finding Yoshida Shoin sites! We found lots!
First we went to the shrine area and within that were a number of buildings: the Shoka Sonjuku (his school), the building he stayed in during his house arrest, and some others. I think they have since been rebuilt, but they are authentic reproductions if that was the case. Also, there were two museums! One with Shoin's writing - his writing - he wrote them *dies* I was in awe and way too shocked to take in the glory ^_^ eeheee! So I bought a book with photocopies in it and I will just sit and *swoon* The other museum was a ton of fun - it was a wax museum! Wow Yoshida Shoin was standing at the door all lifesize and spooky ^^ And in the first room it showed his family and his poor brother was missing an eye - I think that wasn't supposed to be that way. . .^^ But the displays were really cool and weird and I took tons of photos! And the last one made me all depressed because he gets executed! No! We had an amusing time in the museum, but I felt paranoid >_> <_< . . . But besides the museums and buildings, there was the actual Shrine! We went and put in our money and paid our respects. I am still not sure what I was praying to or for but I did it anyway. And it made me happy. But I was jealous of the shrine maidens who work there. . . After the shrine we walked to the nearby temple where Mori and Meiji leaders are buried. There were 500 stone lanterns of large size there!! It was like the giant temple-cemetary! It was cool ^_^ Then we continued uphill to Shoin's birthplace and that big statue of him and Jusuke!!! Poor little guy! We took many photos ^_^ Those were the main things we did and saw - I would go into detail but I need to get back to work!! Last week of classes here I come!
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