November 30th, 2004


History of Yoshida Shoin Sensei

First of all: Yoshida Shoin Sensei was a loyalist - like Kenshin^^. He was one of those people who said: Obey the emperor; expel the foreigners! But he is still cool :p

Yoshida grew up with a highly educated background. He was destined to take over his uncle's school, so he studied very hard as a child. When he got a little older, he traveled some, and eventually went to Tokyo to study under Shozan. It was then that Perry's Black ships came! *ominous music* And Shoin sensei wanted to go to America on one to study stuff - but when he went to the ship to ask, they said no and put him in jail! no!! With him was his friend who later got ill in jail and dieeeed! no!! It was sad! Jusuke~~~! While in jail, he read books and wrote stuff. And he did poetry. A lot.

Later, he got freed and opened the Shoka Sonjuku school where he told young samurai dudes to kill people and kick out foreigners! yay! (lol) Well, actually he told them to study a lot and get involved in politics but that's boring . . .

Anyway! He tried to send his students to assassinate this one political guy (because the other nearby region was doing the same thing and Shoin sensei didn't wanna be outdone...or something...) but the leaders heard about it (because Shoin sensei told them) and then he got executed! no!!

He is an awesome samurai! ^_^ And he doesn't eat blowfish! And in the film he often runs across the countryside of Japan! yay! Oh and he had a lot of names like "Torajiro" and "Twenty one times a samurai" and others I forget. Oh and his motto included the kanji for sincerity (just like his enemies the shinsengumi!)

So there's the history lesson of the day ^_^ I hope it was interesting ^_^

"Even if I am reborn seven times I will never forget to drive out the foreigner!" . . . O_o;; . . *^_^*
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