December 1st, 2004


Hagi photo time!

Here are some of the photos I took in Hagi! I hope you all enjoy them!

Shoin Shrine-- This was the highlight of the trip: Yoshida Shoin sensei's shrine! On the shrine grounds were 2 museums, rebuilt constructions of his school and home, and a gift shop! It was great! I want to go back again and again ^_^

Shoka Sonjuku-- The school Shoin sensei was head of! On the far wall are pictures of some of his more important students like Genzui and Takasugi and Hirobumi.
Shoka Sonjuku again-- Here is a shot from the side where there is a portrait of Shoin sensei. The school is fairly small and simple, but there were a great number of students who crowded into it to study under Shoin sensei!

Shoin statue I-- This is the tall statue of Shoin sensei which stands near his birthplace and overlooks the town of Hagi and the sea. The view is great, but I like the statue better ^_^ Kneeling beside Shoins ensei is one of his followers - Jusuke - who died of illness in jail after trying to go overseas with Shoin sensei in one of Perry's ships.
Shoin statue II-- A bit close up. Look at the majesty (lol)

Wax Museum-- Ever wonder what Shoin sensei looked like? Something like that ^_^ This was at the weird Shoin wax museum! Wow it was weird but so fun!

A Hagi Temple-- This was a temple with over 500 stone lanterns and a lot of tombstones - it was kinda creepy but really amazing!! See all the lanterns!

Megan!--This is just a bonus picture of me in Awajima Island off Kobe ^_^ It was windy!
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