December 23rd, 2004


Tea is Me

I love tea but camomile only puts me to sleep! ^__^

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea...
You are Chamomile Tea.
Your an original! Helpful to anyone in need and
always willing to lend a hand, you take action
but not through violence, people listen to you
for you have a knack for giving wonderful
advice! Many look up to you and you try your
best not to let them down. You have many
friends steadfast or no who consider themselves
lucky to be near you. You may have been hurt in
the past but you dont let that stand in your
way! You have a wonderful outlook on life and
try to see the good in people which is an
awesome gift!

What type of Tea are you? {-With Anime Pictures!-}
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Tea Ceremony

I am trying to pass time, so I am going to post about my Tea Ceremony lessons this past semester.

I have only had about 3 or 4 lessons, but they were very fun!

So here's some basics...don't go follow these rules, but it may give you an idea for what I did at the lessons...

For the guest,
-when offered the sweets, you first lift the dish slightly, then, take the chopsticks by the middle from above with your right hand, take the sweet and put it on some paper which you carry with you and eat it.
-when offered the tea, you take the cup with your left hand and place it within the tatami border in front of you and off to the left and, bowing, say "Osakini" and then in front of you and, again bowing, say "Otemae chodai itashimasu." Then, you can pick up the bowl, set it on your left palm, and using your right hand to hold the side, drink the tea ^_^
Yay! Isn't it yummy? ^_^

For the host,
I didn't learn much, but let me list some of the items they use...
-fukusa: the special square silk (?) cloth used. The fukusa is folded in a special way and is used to ceremonious wipe clean the tea container and also is used to wipe off the tea scoop after it is used.
-chawan: the tea bowl! These come in different sizes and shapes. Wider and lower bowls are used in summer, so the tea cools faster; whereas taller and narrower bowls are used in winter so the water stays warmer.
-chashaku: tea scoop. These all look the same, made of bamboo...but they are in fact different! Rikyu was the first to use the bamboo chashaku we know today, and his had a rounded end..but since him, all of those following him have given the chashaku a distinctive tip shape - some round, some sharp, and one that looked like }. Subtly is a key to tea ceremony!
-chasen: tea whisk. When the host whisks the tea, he moves the whisk in the motion of the kanji 川 (kawa-river).
-natsume: the tea container. These are lauquered, in blacks or reds, with designs.

And uh that's the main stuff!


Now, everybody, go start lessons on Tea ^_~
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I miss...

The holidays are standing right before me!

I miss...
-Christmas lights
-Christmas Eve service
-The tree with its decorations...the birds nest, the old plastic ones, the colorful balls, the ones from elementary school...
-Ham cooking in the oven
-Dad with the camera
-Mom giving direction on which gift to open first
-Matt trying not to look excited
-Gram and Pap looking content and confused by gifts of video games!
-The plushies! Look How Cute!

Yep, just a little sad that I'll miss it this year...No hobbit game or drinking soda from LOTR mugs...

I would feel happier if it weren't for a failed semester at homestay. That makes 3 strikes for me with host families! I just can't get the knack! I feel so much guilt and failure right now that even my freedom at seminar house looks dim. I mean, I spent the past 6 hours looking at ROTK EE caps, reading half of my old lj entries, emailing people,...but I can't seem to get past this feeling of anger.
I guess I still have wrestling to do.
But I can't change all of the mistakes I've made. They are faults and they keep growing if I don't stop them. But I honestly cannot speak to people easily in ANY language. So as long as I remain shy and myself, I will be a failure in someone's book.
I don't understand what I am supposed to do.
And until I figure that out, this guilt won't go away.

And guilt is not something anyone wants to endure over Christmas...
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