January 8th, 2005


New Layout!

*new layout time*
I loved the band of Brothers one, but...it'd been online since before I left America! Besides, it lives on in one of my icons^^

So! A new layout has come forth!
Thanks to Kimiko's D.N.Angel sitefor supplying the scans!

This is actually kind of nostalgic, because the very first livejournal layout I ever made was a Satoshi theme with his wings...the tint then was more yellow, though, and I was still using my Dune-color set for the text and text boxes. Satoshi is back! ^__^
He is one of my favorite anime characters of all time and I am happy with my new layout! ^^
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Tea and Snow

Ah, my brain hurts. And my back^^
I've spent the past 4 hours collecting and working on story ideas for my "tea ceremony/Yukio" story. It was fun, but I am so worn out by it. Exhausted! And this room is so hot that I feel horrible. I want to run outside in the freezing air and breath.

Other than feeling stuffy and ovedosed on story work, I had a super day!
Marilyn and I went to Kyoto! ^_^ We saw sites, ate yummy food (mmm katsudon), and I found a bunch of the little Hello Kitty danglies I had an eye out for (mainly, the samurai one, and one of the four guardiants Tamokuten, guardian of the north!). So my Hello Kitty collection is slowly growing and causing my wallet to be empty...^^ That's a good thing^^

Now I think I have Marilyn hooked on computer art! *evil laugh* I am so dangerous :p

Wow, right now I feel really lousy.
I hope it improves tomorrow. I must get down to work tomorrow with my studies, planning of packing/shipping some stuff home before I move in with a new host family, and also mail my dad a letter. My short term memory is screeching at me and keeping me from getting rest. Crazy brain.
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