January 17th, 2005


Spoiled by boxes and tempura (not boxes 'of' tempura O.o)

Another day that passed far too fast on the run of vacation!

My original plan was to hit the library scanners at 9:30 and scan the remainder of the DNAngel pics for my little webpage. I woke up at 9 and hid under the covers :3
It is 12.0 degrees C (53 degrees F) in my room! That is cold!  めっちゃ さむい な!

So my day started at 10:30 when I felt this guilty urge to get up and to school. When I did, I ran smack into one of my three speaking partners! woah O.o She was expecting me (even though my other speaking partner told me that the lunch date was cancelled?) I was confused but we had lunch together anyway ^^ After that I picked up two packages from the mail - a birthday box and a calendar from my aunt which is something between an X-Mas/Birthday gift. Then it was grocery shopping time! I got to ride on the back of Marilyn's bicycle all the way down Gotenyama hill! wheeee! It was very fun^^ Then we got groceries and tempura for lunch! It was so tasty, unhealthy, and afterwards we both felt kinda O.o It was fun! ^_^ :D Then we studied kanji, talked, and watched DNAngel/TV (magic show/samurai drama/talk show...). We talked about lots of things - I especially enjoyed hearing about France^^ Oh, and the nostalgia about "The Land Before Time' was too much!! After that I returned here!

I'm feeling really tired today-not sure why. I plan to go to 'SHOP 99' (shop kyu-kyu) to pick up bread and mikan and then just chill out here all day tomorrow. Maybe I will study kanji and read more of the Shoin book with furigana! ^.^

BTW- I am excited about my new icon!
It's Hiromasu from Onmyoji! He is a court nobel dude from the Heian Period in Japan and he is all chibi-kawaii! He's probably yelling at the onmyoji, Seimei (sp?). But lookie at the cute black court-nobel-hat!! ^_^ I love Japanese costumes^^
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