January 24th, 2005


Teaching the ropes

Well, this week is starting to feel really strange! It is bring back memories of how it was for me when I first got here to Hirakata! Meeting all the new people who were just as clueless as me, wondering how to find food, wanting to travel to Kyoto and Osaka, not-knowing where the bank/post office were, and being paranoid about missing meetings during orientation! Also, I forgot that people like me get homesick. It feels strange because I've been here so long, but yeah homesickness is a real pain.
It doesn't take long to figure everything out and get set, though. After that time just flashes by like lightning.
These days I know where to find food but am too lazy to go there^^ I have my classes somewhat chosen and the traveling, well, I am not too hyper about it because I've been to a bunch of places near here and am running low on funds!

Things are pretty laid back after a month or two, but that first week seems to last forever and expand to this horrible immense cloud of short-term errands. Kind of reminds me of Zelda.
Link enters school registration office.
"To get a class you must first pay your fees."
Link finds the fee-paying office building.
"You have paid. Thank you. Now go back to registration."
Link rides Epona back to registration room.
"Thank you for paying the fee. Now you must have proof of insurance. Go to the copy room."
Link wanders in search of the copy room.
"You have found the copy room. That's ten yen, please."
Link doesn't have 10 yen. Link goes in search of yen under bushes and in pots.
"You have broken the special pot! Game over."

Oriantation week isn't too bad; there's nothing too hard, just a hassle. Just like Zelda! ^_^
But I am trying to help everyone out who is new and as confused as I was! ^___^ But Laura and Reeves will get special favor because they are my awesome friends ^.^ I can't wait to see them :D I will try to be a good tour guide! (teehee)

[Addition: This entry is getting added to my memories^^ Woohoo!]
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Wow, I am still laughing at my last entry - I am glad it is amusing everyone else, too!

It is time. Soon I will go to bed and when I wake it will be time for the kanji exam! *dramatic music plays* I think I know all 300+ of the kanji from levels 1-3. I think. This is coming from the girl who forgot the kanji for 'enter' on the review test last semester (that kanji only has two strokes! 入). I wasn't sure whether to be completely insulted by my lack of memory or highly amused by it!! But this time I think I have it...

I've been lucky lately that I've been able to talk to my boyfriend (Robert) a lot online lately! Especially now that the lab is always full with students. It's been fun and I am really happy ^_^

Tomorrow, other than the test, I have some good things to look forward to! After the test I get to go out to lunch with Marilyn, who I haven't seen in a while! I am looking forward to it! Then, I get to meet Laura and Reeves once they get in closer to 6! Yay! I will be busy!

Only three more days till my birthday! ^_^ Well, from tomorrow! Just as of now I think I want to celebrate my birthday by going a temple/shrine and getting 'blessed'^^ I don't think I will have time though with orientation, and host family packing/moving etcetc. Hmm. Maybe a belated birthday trip someday in February. That works I suppose! As for my actual birthday day, it's just gonna be a packing day. *blah* I am not really very excited about it. The whole host family deal really is not too thrilling anymore. It's just a bother. Unless I get a family who likes Shoin-sensei :3
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