February 22nd, 2005

Hiromasa chibi!

Life can be ...fun!

It's Tuesday. Had language class, a composition test, some cream-cheese bread for lunch, asian psychologies class, and fought with the internet to attempt to use messenger again for the first time since forever-ago and log into amazon for the first time!

Again, as usual, the daily things, yet unique in their own way as every day has its treasures.

As the month of February dwindles down, lemme make a short list of things that were special to Feb. 2005!
---Onmyouji. I saw the movie on TV and it all went downhill from there..manga..novel..picture book search...
---Good host family! I am actually like them *cheers*
---Political campagning in Awaji. I didn't like this but it was um an experience^^ Got to wear a neon yellow jacket and bow a lot.
---More nabe than you can shake a stick at! And udon that burned my toungue!
---My first time living with a dog! I got my arm knawed on a lot. But her ears are soft ^.^* And one day she'll be a Guide Dog for blind people!
---Ofuro. I will miss thee, 'ofuro'!! (Warm bath they have here in Japan after you shower)
---New commute. Including construction. Sort of annoying. But like home (^_~)
---Doing homework every afternoon once I get home until dinner, then eating and watching TV till ofuro time! The homework takes a while and is a real pain but hopefully I can catch up since this weekend I will be free for the first time in a month XD

And just because I have to do it - posting about random Onmyouji things!!
*random cute bit*
In the Onmyouji manga one of the first stories (if not the first) is about a mysterious-special biwa.
Once the court nobel (Hiromasa) and the onmyouji (Seimei) get the biwa back, it still has some sort of magical characteristics because, well, it occassionally sprouts arms and legs and talks to people throughout the series!!
Near the end, when the city of Kyoto is burning to the ground, the little wooden biwa leaps onto Hiromasa and it says: "Hiromasa-sama! I'm scared!"
Poor biwa.
I think the biwa survives. Hiromasa finally managed to get it off him and hands it to some lady for safe keeping.
(It seems that everyone enjoys harassing Hiromasa - the biwa, Seimei, too. He always plays onmyouji tricks on him and Hiromasa gets quite annoyed. One woman sent Hiromasa a love song quite to Hiromasa's embarassment. He's just quite fun to harass! ^.^)
Doesn't he look harassed in the icon?? XD
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