February 26th, 2005


Walk to school

The waters of heaven and earth were seperated on the second day
Yet today the dense cerulean clouds are mirrored by mountains of pale blue

The skies are nearly totally filled with clouds today. On the walk to school I was thinking about my thesis and wondering if my package was in yet and also just humming to myself.

I got my bibliography for my paper on Hosokawa and his wife and I am thrilled because there's a list of associated places - temples, mansions, etc in the area and I may even be able to see the teaspaces I studied for my paper last term! I am thrilled XD Oh and I got through 60 pages of the Tale of Genji and I am actually enjoying it ^^ Yeah Genji's um not an ideal person, but the poetry and imagry is really quite fun ^___^ I am coming to like the Heian Period a lot^^
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Iron Chef!

I saw Iron Chef here in Japan last night!! Yay!!
It was Michiba-san against a Chinese guy!
Wow I had so much fun actually being able to hear everyone's "real" and non-dubbed voice^^ They all sounded a bit higher pitched than the American dubs...^^ Especially Fukui and the board^^
The one weird thing about it was while I was watching I thought, man, it seems so quiet and almost bored-in flavor for some reason? Then I figured out why. With the American version the Japanese voices are left dulled in the bakcground with the dub overtop -- in the original the background is just quiet and so it seemed kind of empty O_o But it was still so much fun :3 Gheehee!
I love Iron Chef^^
I love Spring of Trivia too! "へえへえ!"

Bad news seems that I won't get my Heian-Pd movie picture book for a while. ;_; But it's ok, I think...I will manage^^
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