April 7th, 2005



Spring has come to the mountains, Spring has come to the valleys!

The sakura have really started to blossom now and the constant dreary weather tells me that spring has finally arrived. The air today is very thick and damp, but since it is warm and damp, I actually am enjoying it. Reminds me of Slifer House weather.

Classes are going. Had a test in Japanese today - it was tough 'cause it not only had keigo, but keigo along with passive, causative, and causative-passive! Man, what a combination. But I survived. Kanji class is going ok though I spend hardly no time studying for it - shame on me. History is boring. We just had a lecture on world history and the Europeans moving toward Japan. Sometimes I wish I'd just taken Pre-Modern Japanese history and not Pre-modern Japanese International Relations History O_o. Asian Psychologies is really interesting these days, but also hard to follow. Zen is fun, though! I love Zen even if I don't understand it. Dogen is a pretty neat guy, though I still do not enjoy being held responsible for that class reading. Blah.

As far as travel and culture goes, last weekend I got to see Hina dolls in the Kimura's home as well as a Blue Dragon Festival, from which I recieved the blessings of Kannon Buddha (or so the announcer guy was saying). The Hina dolls were gorgeous. I took photos and hope they turn out. The Dragon Festival reminded me of something Chinese - it was tons of fun! I even got to see the Dragon up close - right in my face - and wow it was kinda scary as well as exciting!!

This weekend the plan is to go to the Imperial Palace and then Osaka Castle. The Imperial Palace is open this week to the public, meaning it will be very crowded. Add on top of that the numerous cherry blossoms there and it is gonna be packed miserably. Why am I going? To hear Gagaku!! I will take any chance that I can get to hear Gagaku. Osakajo should be fun - it will be my first time.

The rest of my plans lie on the edge of a knife - aka, they depend on the political schedule of my host family. I fear for my freedom.

In the end, time is passing far too fast. I am really starting to panic about the end. I don't wanna go home!!
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Hiromasa chibi!


I haven't been following lj at all lately because I just haven't had time. But after that test I felt like chilling out for 45 mins so I explored lj a little. A bunch of my friends have this up, so I figured I follow along :p I am gonna include a variety in here - just to prove my weirdness!!

a. Post a list of 15 (13) fandoms.
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each one.
c. When guessed, bold the line, include the character name, and write a sentence about why you like that character.

I.Onmoyuji. 「源博雅」Minamoto no Hiromasa. (But is anyone familiar with the characters? Hint: icon ^_~)
Court nobel who loves music, especially the flute and also the biwa (lute) which he studied under the blind Semimaru, and grew quite fond fond of the biwa named Genjo (even after the Genjo made a fool of him in front of the court :p)! Hiromasa is cute and sometimes just funny, but he is willing to sacrifice his life for his friends and music!
II. Samurai Dramas/Shoin-sensei! (I gave away the answer) Samurai dramas are so fun - samurai are so cute^^ Though Shoin-sensei is only in his own movie, he is the greatest samurai of all! well, he is interesting and was very sincere and studied very hard, too. ^^
III. D.N. Angel. 「怜」Hiwatari/Hikari Satoshi.
Smart, artist, pretty, wears glasses, and cursed. What more can I say? It's the ideal character! ^_^
IV. Suki Dakara Suki. 「ひなた」Asahi Hinata.
Someone once told me that Hina-chan reminded her of me...teehee! Maybe! Cute, cheerful, naive, has too many teddy bears^^
V. X. 「昴」Sumeragi Subaru.
My first manga love^^ After finding the picture of him hanging within a sakura tree upside down on his tarot card, I have not been able to forget Subaru! Though I wish he'd be a little less angsty recently.
VI. Dune (This might be hard to guess, too)
VII. Tsubasa. Kurogane.
When I want to just chill out and cheer up, I turn to Tsubasa. And there's just something about harassing ninja and samurai that is highly amusing!^^
VIII. Zelda. Link (with the bunny hood or skull mask)
Link is courageous - he faces many dangers without fear - faces many pains with only a short yell 'Ahhhhh!'. And he is the keeper of time!!
IX. LOTR/Silmarillion. Frodo Baggins.
I have a Frodo plushie thus prooving my fandom^^ teehee. Frodo has been my favorite since I was a child - I have always liked him, the ringbearer and friend of Elves. Yeah.
X. Tokyo Babylon. Subaru.
XI. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Prof Henry Jones (the father). (Anybody like this movie besides me?)
I saw this movie for the first time when I was still a middle-schooler, but I still love it!! The whole cast is like family to me^^ teehee. But, yes, I gotta say that Indy's dad is my favorite - he gets as obsessive about history as much as I do!! ^__^ Plus I always envied his hat^^
XII. Star Wars. Luke - I mean tauntauns!.
Hoth is one of my favorite Star Wars planets - because of white coats with fuzzy-lined hoods and tauntauns!! Also love the Cantina, though^^ *plays the Cantina song*
XIII. Master and Commander. Midshipman Hollom. (I know at least one person that knows who my favorite character is ^_~)
Don't ask me why! I guess I felt pity and sympathy at first, and from there I just became a fan^^ It's a classic tragedy and I will always have a special place in my heart for him!
XIV. Jurassic Park. Malcolm. (yes I've listed a whole batch of old movies :p)
After this movie I had a brief interest in Math. Malcolm is smart with a strange sense of humor^^
I know I must be forgetting something awesome in my absent-mindedness, so to whatever-that-may-be, gomenne! ^_^
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