April 13th, 2005


Meditation doesn't equal sleeping^^

I sat myself on the tatami, determined to do some meditation for my homework for Asian Psychologies - it started off well. Then...I fell asleep! No! heehee.

This week is going by fast. I had the debate in Japanese today and am again behind in reading assignments. My papers - which were supposed to be started - are still waiitn,g but I have been too busy with everyday homework to do them. Today is Tea Ceremony club, and it will be my first time - I am nervous. The sakura are nearly all gone.

Things are ok at the moment, but bound to get crazy soon.
I will be happy as long as I get work done and make it to Eigamura before I leave here.

Off I run to Zen class!

[The icon is a fuzzy representation of Onmoyuji - say hi to Seimei and Hiromasa!]
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