May 9th, 2005


Golden Week

How did I spend Golden Week?
Starting with the weekend before GW:

--April 29th. Friday. Seeing Eye Dog Event Day.
I saw trained Guide Dogs, met Boni-chan's sister and brothers, and practiced braille! Very fun!
--April 30th-May 1st. Saturday-Sunday. Awaji.
Saturday was the usual working hard and late. because Tetsuaki's house was so crowded, we slept at Kouji's parent's in Hokudan.
Sunday we went to a Shinto ceremony at Izanagi Jingu.
--May 2nd. Monday. School.
We watched Enlightenment Guaranteed in Zen and it was enjoyable!
--May 4th. Tuesday. Osakajo!
I went to Osaka Castle with Chiemi and we had a lot of fun! The weather was sunny and hot.
--May 4th-5th. Wednesday-Thursday. Awaji.
Though I was supposed to work, I had a lot of homework and was left at the Nakatani house to study. I worked in the room with the Butsudan, chased out a stray bird, and helped water the tomatoes.
--May 6th. Friday. School.
Boring. That evening Kouji and I went to Awaji by train/bus. We rode the JP Line, but I wasn't too scared...We attended a meeting that night and cheered: gambarou!
--May 7th. Saturday. Awaji.
Last day of campaigning. I said a lot of "yoroshiku onegaishimasu" "arigatou gozaimasu." The meeting that night was fun but it was sad saying goodbye to all those people.
--May 8th. Sunday. Barbacue!
It was so great - thanks to everyone who came ^__^ I really enjoyed it so much! Even the flying chicken...

And....the results we have all been waiting for...

The Awaji Election!
We lost.
The results were: Us (13000) The-other-side (16600). >___< Well, anyway, I made a lot of friends and learned a lot about elections!
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