June 2nd, 2005


Between Jpn and Work - Onmyoji

My sleeping schedule is all messed up lately. I keep saying I should sleep early, but when I am in my room I feel like I should keep busy fixing my computer or working on my scrapbook rather than sleeping. Music isn't helping me sleep either - I might have to go back to meditating to Hiromasa's flute music, as that *always* put me to sleep :p Though, uh, I was not trying to *sleep* but meditate for homework O_o
Work starts in a few days and I am really dreading it. Even after being abroad, I still am paranoid about the tours, taking phone calls, and all the other work that should be a peice of cake.
I haven't been feeling so wonderful. I feel guilty for all the stuff I brought back from Japan - wow I spent a lot of money and now I have ordered the Onmyoji movie on top of it all! I feel horrible. But I *have* been waiting to have that since oh maybe two years ago! Still, I am guilty about that and the fact that I feel as though I'd rather be in Japan. I should be grateful to be home, but I liked it more there. I walked a lot, woke up early and felt decent - now I am lazy and feel the results.
I will stop complaining, as nobody needs to hear it! :) But if I sound stressed, or a bit down, you know why.

I miss speaking Japanese.

On the bright side, I ordered the Onmyoji movie! Yay! I get to practice my Japanese and see those great Heian guys again! I can't wait to *finally* see the movie with subtitles so I can understand what they say^^ Yosh! XD My history with the Onmyoji saga deserves a little interlude...

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On the topic of movies, I saw the ROTK Extended Edition today - it was long but fun! I watched it while working on my scrapbook, which is over halfway done I hope.

Hmm and my Genji books are looking at me and asking "When are you gonna read us??" I'll get to Genji when I get time ^_^ Too bad Seimei and Hiromasa don't show up there. Semimaru, too. zannen. Anyway, I *love* my Genji set^^ It's pretty!
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