June 11th, 2005


Jars of Clay Concert

Yesterday after work, my mom and I went down to Hershey to see the Jars of Clay concert! It was so much fun^^ Before the show, though, it was hot and I was tired - so the wait was not the most pleasant I have experienced. But the concert was a blast :) All the bands did a great job and I was so glad I could go^^ Of course it was amazing to be singing along with Jars of Clay - they did a couple of my favorite songs and I was thrilled!

Today I took it easy - slept in, finished more of my photo album, made a cheesecake...I also found Mrs Hamamoto's address, which had been misplaced for weeks. Now I must write her a letter - in braille! It should be fun if I can write the grammer correctly in Japanese...

I am torn whether or not to watch Onmyoji to put me to sleep or listen to music. Hmmm.
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