July 5th, 2005



I said I was tired an hour ago, but here I am poking around my computer and such, unable to sleep.
I've been too busy wandering here and there, meandering, lost. I need to find my firm foundation again and cling to it once I find it. Seeing this is half the struggle, though, and from now on as long as I work, maybe I can rid myself of this weighed-down feeling and free myself.

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Well, I got lucky and the boss gave me the morning off! I took the time and wrote a letter in Braille. It took me an hour and a half to do it, even though I had already written up the Japanese text that I then punched in with my poking-device. I didn't realize how much space the letters would take up, but I should have known better - in the end I had to tape two sheets of the paper together^^ I am just glad I finished. Tomorrow I want to spell-check it and that will take another good hour. Whew.

At work my boss didn't want to look at my photo album, which I had carefully brought in for him. He said he was depressed. It was a bit of a let down - but I understand how it is to be depressed, so I didn't fuss. He took a tour this afternoon and made it last as long as possible - a good 2+ hrs. Meanwhile, I worked upstairs and hid from a wasp that'd found it's way into the museum office!

I was pretty tired tonight, yet for some reason got the urge to poke around old stories I'd written. It was interesting, but there was too much to sift through - 60 pages typed and another 2 whole boxes full of notebooks... So instead of working on anything, I spent the night looking for Semimaru mask pictures and images from the movie called Poseidon Adventure. It's a fun movie - I like it^^ Though my new icon isn't from that movie, that actor plays the steward in the movie! Poor Acres, he's the only one on the sinking boat who seemed to be stuck alone ;_;

And did anyone else see the Twilight Zone Marathon on TV last night? I only caught 3 episodes, but it was fun (got to see the Professor from Gilligan's Island!!). I wish they had quality TV like that thesedays...

I really need to get back into reading Genji before the Fall amongst other things, but I have been distracted by fun pastimes like these! :)
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