July 8th, 2005


Slifer concert and museum

Last night while we listened to old marches and music played by the Repasz Band, we frantically dipped 150 bowls of ice cream. They looked so colorful on the table - mint green (mint chocolate chip), pink (teaberry), and purple (black cherry). I really felt like I was at some kind of carnival or something and I enjoyed it a lot.

Usually I think of the museum as a place where I go in to do office work and answer phone calls. Last night, though, while zipping in and out of the dark rooms to get extra napkins and spoons, I felt almost honored to be able to help keep the quiet old mansion running. The rooms are really so nice. Like captured moments from long ago, gleaming with gilded frames, crystal, and colorful wallpaper.
I never really spend much time in the museum-part, though. We did take a break today and sit on the couch in the drawing room. I havent done that in ages. It was a lot of fun. Reminds me of how captivated I was by the museum when I was younger.

Also at work today I ate peanuts...we got bags of peanuts for the concert last night and have *a lot* left over O_o We will be eating peanuts forever!
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