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July 12th, 2005

Recent notes

Well, I stayed up late enough to see the Iron Chef contestants cut into their anglerfish - and boy was that nasty^^ Work today was the same as usual. We did clean the office and sweep the floor!! Amazing! I guess the red kepi hat gave me inspiration to work hard (yep, I wore my red Civil War kepi to work today!!)
I spent the evening messing around with paintshop. I got my magic wand selector tool to work and finally managed to color in some of my drawings!! I was happy - but it did take me a very long time and my eyes felt like they were swimming. I don't need bifocals or anything, do I?

Yesterday I rode my bicycle up and down the street - it was a lot of fun and I got some exercise, too, I guess^^ The night before that I played Clue with my family and chose Prof Plum as my character. As it turns out, I was the murderer both times O_o First in the Ballroom with the revolver and then in the Kitchen with the lead pipe! I never knew I was so violent :p

And that is how I have been spending my days. I didn't read any of Genji tonight, but got through a lot in the previous two nights. Also translated one more page of Onmyoji, which takes me up to page 40.

How did I get so crazily-busy?^^

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