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July 14th, 2005


I have a tendency to turn away from, run, or avoid things that bother me or grate my nerves. I don't stick around. But I have to face my fears to resolve them. Sometimes I am even so twisted up that I am afraid to open my eyes and see before me a ghost. I create horrors and then avoid them. If I avoid things of imagination, how much more important things? How I can change this is of critical importance.

daily chores and ice cream

Today we worked on fliers and the newsletter at Slifer House. I ate up my leftover lasagna and then snacked on the peanuts we had left from the concert. The afternoon was slow, but that is nice because tomorrow we have a school-kids' tour O_o;;
For dinner it was a hamburger in town and then a stop for a McDonald's fudge sundae. But when I got it, I saw that the ice cream was filled higher than the lid...I tried to pop off the lid, but melted ice cream ran out XD Paniced that I'd lose some precious fudge, I worked to eat it as fast as I could before it dripped onto my clothes; but it was difficult to do in a moving vehicle! heehee
At home I worked more on my Tea-ceremony story and finished some more drawings for it. Also, looked through old photos with my mom - which was quite fun^^

I guess all of that is productive, but I feel like it wasn't for some strange reason.

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