July 16th, 2005


Already quite a morning!

Last night I couldn't sleep - got to bed around 2 am.
Right before I went to bed, I got an email from my host mom in Japan!! Yay!! I miss her and Bonnie-chan to! Well, in her note she said that Mrs. Hamamoto got the brailled letter and was so happy!! Yay - it makes me happy too!

Before I went to bed I got this crazy idea to read Mrs Hamamoto's book as part of my thesis and then study blindness and how it is viewed/dealt with in Japan. I emailed Hogan-sensei.

This morning I got a reply that I could do that if I sort of broadened it to include other kinds of disability...well, as weird as it sounds, I think I may run with that as my thesis!? ^^ I actually may finish reading Gotaifumanzoku after all!

In addition, I got my Clamp Kiseki 10 book and chess pieces!! And even a letter from an old friend!

This means that I owe two people letters and have to really start on my hunt for Japanese books to aid my possible thesis!! I plan to include lots of photos of Guide dogs in my powerpoint presentation ^_~!!
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