August 8th, 2005

Winged Rainbow


I forgot how nice it feels to be blessed. No one's given me one verbally in so long! It wasn't a laying down of hands or anything, but it was still a very moving experience. I felt so full and overjoyed. Maybe I need to ask that this be done more often. The world is so full of curses - some intentional and some not. Just like Genji's wife Aoi found... And everyday I feel it too - weighed down by people's complaints, sarcasm. It isn't very significant, but it builds up until you forget how it feels to be freed!
Ahh so refreshed!

cats, tandy cake, and signal corps

Whew, today was a pretty productive day!
We made tandy cake, went to a meeting, I researched Signal Corps insignia, sketched, finished a survey for my scholarship (which I'd been putting off for a couple weeks), and somehow managed to find time to visit Gram and Pap.
While we were visiting, the two new cats came up near us. But old Schnokems started getting testy and territorial again - so Gram put her in the garage and we then could freely pet Dot and Alice^^ Oh how soft they were :) It's been a long while since I played with a cat!

Before going to bed I should read more Genji...but I am sleepy...

Yes, I am looking into Civil War signal corps patches, even though I read pages of essays written as to why these are still a bit of a mysetery. It was pretty involved and confusing, but I was very interested (I want to get one of these patches for my kepi hat).

Sadly, tomorrow is a work day, so I won't be able to get so much done. Only 4 days of work left, though!!
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