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August 10th, 2005

I heard an interesting story.
A soldier in the Civil War was trying to get out and crossing through some lines...to disguise himself in order to escape, he put a white cotton band around his arm to signal that he was a medic. While on his way, he was stopped by a number of men who indicated a field hospital who was in need of a doctor. The sneaking man could not easily run, so he made his way to the hospital. Inside a barn, he saw rows of injured men untended by even a single person. For a split moment he thought of his escape plan, but then rushed into the place and cared for the wounded for a number of days.

Don't know why, but I found that moving.
Today was another day of office work - creating the Sept and Oct calendars and other odd jobs. Tonight I was pleasantly surprised with a letter from an old friend in response to the note I'd sent her.
I also managed to write some other people who I'd worried about writing. I feel a little better, but the struggle is far from over!

I do have some good to look forward to - my best friend is coming up next week to visit! yay! Also, my family is taking a morning to visit the Nat'l Civil War Museum in Harrisburg - I plan to buy a kepi and get a signal corps badge for it! (Megan is a history geek and admits it! The Horatio plushie agrees! And Horatio is looking forward to meeting my best friend^^)

I should be in church right now, but well, I'm not and feeling guilty, but not guilty enough to drive over...hmmm

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