August 14th, 2005


Forest elf

forest elf
You're a forest elf. you live on your own and enjoy
the beauty of nature. you're happy and other
people always enjoy being around you because of
your loveable personality. you can often be
found somewhere outside in the forest with all
the animals. Green fits you best

what kind of elf are you? {with pics}
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As a wood elf I will soon be returning to the forest! Well, not exactly...but in a couple hours it will be time for my grandfather's birthday picnic-party, and we will be heading out to his home in the northern hills of the county. It will be so much fun - complete with fried chicken, ice cream, cake (that I decorated :p), and all the animals will be waiting for us there, too! Should be a nice night :)

In other good news, I won my ebay auction kepi hat! XD Now I can run around Gettysburg in style :p I still have plans to get a cap badge, but I am having problems with figuring out which one to order!
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