September 3rd, 2005



It's been one busy week!
Classes went well enough, I guess, and I finally finished all the meetings, all the paperwork, and everything seems to be set for the semester!
And Laura and I watched the two Onmyouji movies, too! Oh my, they are so much fun! I want to give Hiromasa a big hug 'cause he's just so cute in his eboshi hat^^


Today I slept in 'till 10 and got straight to work on translating Hamamoto's book and reading stuff for Genji. Hamamoto's story is pretty interesting, so far. She is talking about all the different kind of training she underwent because of her to walk, how to write, how to live a normal life. It takes so much more effort, but she seems to do so well! Maybe I will post the translation someplace after the semester's projects ends^^ I still have to finish reading that Braille letter she sent me, too, though...Sometimes I worry that I might be a bit too heavily burdened with work this semester, but I hope not...

I have to get a lot of hw done now because I am going out to visit my granparents tonight and the battlefield tomorrow! Hooray and Huzzah! ^_^

I wanna make this the best year at Gbg yet!! (I better, because it's my last chance)

Ahhh, aware.
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