September 7th, 2005


Strange happenings-ordinary happenings

The past day has been another long one.
Chinese class 9-10, then rush to Servo to eat (they had yummy eggs and I put cream cheese on 2 of their little pancakes - but I ate too fast and felt icky anyway), got the Pettigrew bio from the library, then lit class #1 from 11-12:15, rush to check on textbooks (still not in), gave a little money to the hurricane victims, read some on Pettigrew until lit class #2 (the Genji one) from 1-4, then back to the library for the second time to read the Armistead booklet (which SP Collections couldn't find...), and finally to the Japan club dinner-meeting and then back to hw doings in my room.

[And everyday is gonna be like this :p]

Also big news of the day - my parents ordered my kepi hat badge/insignia!! It should be arriving in a week-10 days. *impatient^^*
Also- photos came back from the other day in Gbg!! Yay! I would scan them, but atm my scanner is acting up. Some of the sunset sky colors are lovely and there's one of me testing out the Col. jacket :3 So, yes, I am pleased with them^^

Some more class ramblingCollapse )

The two bios are interesting. Poor Armistead - his lifestory is so depressing...*sigh* Nanimodekinai. Kanashii...nakitai wa.
At least Pettigrew had it a little better - he went to Europe like I did!^^ But he didn't go to Croatia - and he is a lot smarter than me^^ Still, he is a lot of fun to read about! I wish I could have met him :3

The interesting sight of the day was a little yellow butterfly who followed me and Diana a while on the walk to the bookstore!! A spirit passing from one life to the next?...or just attracted to the smell of the Genji [textbook]?... The world may never know.
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