September 15th, 2005

Hiromasa chibi!

Owwww food

For dinner tonight I witnessed a very disturbing thing...a substance that consisted of 1/4 cake and 3/4 chocolate icing! Uwaaa it was scary! (teehee) That and the key lime pie just seemed to make quite a strange pair^^ (The Hiromasa icon is scared, too!!)
Unfortunately the chicken & rice has made my stomach ache O_o; owww
[Because of this I am going to stare blankly at my computer for a while. . .]

Well, I did more morse code practice and I am improving a little! Hooray! Still got a ways to go, but I am pleased.
I also put in four STRAIGHT hours of mylar-ing at the library. That is a very long time to sit and do mylar >_< I was brain dead afterwards and fell asleep face down on my bed till the phone woke me up (at first I thought it was the alarm clock!) And now I am feeling lousy - maybe I should just collapse!

Tomorrow is my poetry compilation presentation and I am really not looking forward to it at all. Not to mention the 20+ hrs of homework awaiting me (Genji and book translation...) I have been given orders to take a break at some point and ride my bicycle, though. I hope to do that if this hot weather passes, but it is just too awful to do anything!
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Genji's ladies!

I remembered this page I had started in the summer...

It gives a list of the major women in Genji's life (at least the ones I thought to include... I think I got most of them. It is a work in progress though and I honestly haven't checked the info in a while)
Still, it is something that helped me for a while in keeping all those women straight O_o
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