September 19th, 2005


Morse Code Training Program

Anybody else interested in morse code? The Koch CW Trainer

That's the new practice program I found yesterday. It uses the Koch method of training-that is, you learn to listen to the code at the speed you want to achieve. It starts with only 2 letters and once you can copy 90% of the random message completely, you add one more letter. Nearly everyone reccomends that students start learning code at at least 18 wpm, and the program's default is 25 wpm.

So, if you have ambition and time, get that pencil and paper and get ready ^_~
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scared... O_o;

Well, I was gonna post something else but the mood here would probably eat me in one peice O_o;; So I will save it for later

Anyway, going to start daily bicycle runs - it will be good exercise! Plus, any excuse to get out and about the field is good!! *taking advantage of my last year here*
Homework continues piling up as usual. I am a bit ahead in Genji atm, but that will end this week. I am excited for my final paper on Genji, because it will be on music! ^_^ Also, Yonezawa told me to clean up my translation and maybe someday get it published?!?! *kowai yo* I do need to email Hamamoto-san, but I don't know her email. Hmm.

Tonight watched the first episode of Band of Brothers!! I had never seen it before - and I had forgotten just how well made the series is (the emotion they convey and the artistic sensativity is amazing...) Ahh, I love it^^
Now, it is a decision between sleep and morse. Well, but now that I downloaded a new DJ Doboy song, I am rather stuck to winamp.

And to end, you know, it's bad when I describe a person going somewhere in this way: 'they ittekimashita'd.'
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