September 20th, 2005


Morse code, more serious now

[Edit, 11:00 pm-- I have spent the last 2 weeks working every possible moment of everyday and today I just dropped all the books and wasted 5 hours doing nothing much. Whew, I think I needed the rest...but it still makes me feel unproductive!!]

Well, now it comes down to learning the code no matter what.

At our church, a member worked the ham radio and knew morse code. I kept telling dad to pass messages to him about my interest over the past month...and sometimes dad did and it was all very exciting. I was so looking forward to meeting with him and playing with radios...

But, well, I just got news that he died this morning.

So, I am definitely going to learn that code, even if my ears bleed. I was too late this time around. Now what will I do. It's all rather, well, I don't know what to think. Too much loss this week.

But don't feel bad, because really this isn't in any way a relative or some close friend, and so I don't deserve to be saying anything like this at all. It's quite out of place. (I probably shouldn't have posted any of this anyway, but it was upsetting me greatly and I had to. Sorry about that)

In the midst of all this chaos, I found two goals for the time being. Not only morse, but a Japanese translation to finish, too, for Hamamoto-san's sake. Those and to make the most of my year here and learn as much history as I can, spend as much time on the battlefield as I can, enjoy living in this old house every moment, and take none of this for granted. I did it in Japan and want to keep at it. Just because I am not 'having the year of my life overseas' does not mean that I can't do the same/better here in quiet PA. I want to make this a year to rival last year and so far it's been doing that. But these latest episodes are quite humbling.

Never forget that thankfulness is a very powerful gift.

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