September 21st, 2005


A new day, like everyday!

Today was another day added to the string - and like the rest, it was a little gem.

Classes were dull, but surprisingly bearable. We even got out of Genji early! *cheers* I resolved to do no homework before dinner and I held to that. Instead, I was working on CW (another way of saying morse code, because I am too lazy to type). I must have put in over 5 hours on the first two letter alone >_< They won't catch inside my head. Languages are all like that for me -- it takes a lot of practice and even more time until everything finds a place to sink in. Hmm.

After dinner, went out on the bicycles again and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! It was great. I feel really good after it and my legs don't hurt like they have the past 3 days!! ^_^

It looks like the week will end on a good note, and I am grateful^^ But time is passing too quickly!! Make it slow down, somebody!! In the rush to get research books, finish copying Kanji, and meetings with profs, where do the days go?...
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