September 24th, 2005



今日は一日中日本語の本を翻訳したの。。。そうだ。七時間、それだけしたよ。 頭が痛い。。。 でも、自分のせいだ。 本を読みたかったから! 翻訳は大変だが、濱本さんの書いたものを絶対に読めるようになりたい!! 

Yes, I can't believe I just spent 7 hrs translating that book into English. I got nothing else done today at all! That makes me depressed...I have stacks of other homework to do, too. うわあああ 大変! 泣きたい

No other news from today. Well, I did whip up a small webpage for my memories of Japan, but I don't have time to do anything more with it for a while. I didn't even bother with CW today and so I feel a little lighter, but still annoyed with it (>_<). But I learned something amazing and that is that Hamamoto-san, the author of this book I am writing, she took lessons on Amateur Radio!?! Wow. I wonder if she still uses it...maybe if I ever do get my license we chat talk on the radio (oh my word, that's so exciting^^)

Anyway, that was my day: long, boring, difficult, and hopelessly behind in work. But all in all not a terrible day! :D
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