November 6th, 2005

Hiromasa chibi!

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Ah taking breaks from hw is dangerous because I lose the incentive to work^^
Well, like all good Sundays at college, I slept in happily until 12, constantly checking the clock and thinking to myself: 'Cozily hidden under blankets is the best way to spend the day^^'
I did manage to get myself out of bed at noon :p and then started on work. I took a break at 3 to get clean and get food. And now I am lazily poking at my email and lj, wondering if the storms they predict will really hit us...
Meanwhile, Poor Mrs Hamamoto - her braille letter is still only 1/4 done and sitting in my desk. I feel guilty about it but not guilty enough to finish it >_< Ack laziness does horrible things!

I do have to tutor today at 7, and that will further make me reluctant to get involved in work! Noo! I wish the weekends were just one day longer...

Also, I am still having those weird dreams. I am really starting to wonder what is up with that, because it is so unusual for me! Maybe it's just that I've been getting too much sleep the past few weeks? *shrugs* Maybe my mind is too crammed with stuff and needs to sort it out...
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calendar, upcoming

I just made out my calendar-chart of all the work I need to do for the rest of the year and it depressed me greatly. These Genji lit/paper criticisms are gonna be a huge pain. The worst part is how little time there is left!! This warm weather has tricked me into thinking it is still summer...but really it's almost Thanksgiving!

Guess I will buckle down and get this work done asap! >_< Gambarimasu~~ If I can get even a little bit ahead... If only I didn't have this paperwork still dangling over my head like a stinking ax O_o;

At least Thanksgiving break will be soon! I get to put up the Christmas tree this year instead of being all alone in a Japanese dorm room over the holidays ~_~ So there is hope! All is passing, but at least something good is on the way!

And speaking of holidays...yes, Christmas is coming! XD *squee* Mom told me she had surprises for me and I asked if she will hide Kaoru under the tree and put a big bow on his head! XD She said no :p awwwwwww zannen! 'Cause that'd be the cutest^^
I did ask dad to buy me some book about Pettigrew and he said he would :3 Plus I have the rest of the Genji manga waiting for me! ^_^ So I am looking forward to that^^
Of course the best part will be decorating and sharing Xmas lunch with my family!! I miss them!! ;_; So I am very excited. I hope that will give me the drive to work through the rest of the semester! >_
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