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November 10th, 2005

Ohhh Cataloging!

Just waiting for my parents to arrive - I forget when they said they would! Had an interesting day at work...then stopped off at the Asian Studies Offices to pick up the Genji reading, drop off the tutoring list, and Yip sensei aslo asked me to help with class tomorrow because he will "be teaching two classes simultaneously" O.o; Hmm. Well it won't be bad - we get to watch a video of puppet theatre^^ Yes, that play about the Love Suicide was extremely sad, mainly because I pictured it with real people at first not knowing it was for bunraku!

Anyway, work!
Yes, they are pretty well out of work for us to do on books and DVDs, so I got a 3 and a half hour teaching session about how to understand the MARC display for an item (for example), how to tell a good bibliographic record from a bad one, and what to edit in bib records for DVDs held by Gbg (GDC). So, I exported records from OCLC, learned to create a call number that fits with the LOC system, and many other such technical things^^ Wow it was exciting for me :3
My boss threatens to give me the task of making more call numbers, though that idea scared me O_o He shook his head and told me ppl will be expecting me to do that soon.

About the Call Number fields:
050 - A Library of Congress assigned Call Number
090 - Used for a call number devised by a library other than LOC
099 9 - A call number assigned by a system unique to that specific library
(So in the Gbg example, we use a 099 9 because the call number is 'FEATURE GETT' and that is not a standard call number :p)

We also have to add special lines about such things as 'On campus viewing rights' in addition to the basic structure that we export from OCLC.

Wooo isn't it so much fun? XD
Maybe grad school won't be so bad...

Hikaru Genji animated XD

At last, a Genji manga icon XD

I just had to show Genji off :p It's almost as good as "Ah! Enlightenment!" (a line of a tanka poem my group presented in class)^^
I love Genji manga XD

In other news, the evening was nice with my parents and grandparents going out to dinner^^ I got to tell them about my work today and I heard the latest news about my cousin in FL. The food was good but I ate too much again! >_< Still, I haven't seen my parents in a while so it was very nice. Ahh this makes me eager for Thanksgiving break...

My parents dropped off a box of cookies from the church! If anyone wants some this weekend, come find me ;)
(Note: I won't be around Saturday, but Fri and Sunday I will be hanging around! Also, sorry to my friends who live in other states - I'd offer you guys some too, but well, it's a bit taihen desyou...)

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