December 4th, 2005


Antietam Illuminations, Hamamoto, Dev

Yesterday was the Antietam Illumination. It was a long evening, but worth it, I feel. Well, we waited for three hours in a traffic-line along the road before we could even get in...I was wishing that we could have walked in and walked through the battlefield, as it would be faster and more impressive...but anyway. The battlefield had thousands of candles set out in rows for those casualties. The skies were cloudy with a tint of gold, as if a bit of the candlelight were warming the cloudcover. Twice we passed by reenactor's campfires and the smell of the fire was wonderful. The warmth from it and the cold december air made quite a contrast. There was no spot where you could see *all* the candles in all the field, but the fact that it kept going and going for so long and so far was incredible. By the end we were exhausted. It was a thought-provoking and awe-inspiring experience. Still, I feel as if I missed out on something because I couldn't conprehend it. Of course, how could I hope to?

Some images I found online to share:
neat light effect
fencerow (the most common view)
an interesting shot

Before going to bed yesterday, I heard tinging on my window and saw that it was snowing - a lot! Until I fell asleep, I listened the heater blast on and off and the sound of an occassional wet-snow-drop patter into my window.
Today the ground was covered in a snow and ice blanket and the melted snow rained from roofs and trees while sunlight shone from a bright white cloudy sky.
Both last night and today I debated going out to the field and taking pictures...I want just a few more...but I stayed indoors, feeling a bit under-the-weather, and did my homework diligently.

And I have good hw news: I finished reading/translating Mrs Hamamoto's book! I got through the last part today. Just in time for my last Japanese class this semester Monday at 1 pm. I didn't time it to be so exact - in fact, there were weeks when we got behind considerably. But in the end it work out perfectly. It's a great relief.

A final note for today relating to Japanese Truce at Bakura. I found someone online who has posted the first 2 chapters and final chapter of the book online in Japanese! Sadly, the only scene including Dev was his death scene x_x


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メゲン: 「いや!!ジェダイになれるよ!がんばってください!死ぬな!...ああ、もう死んじゃったか」
*泣く* かわいそうなデヴ。。。だいすきなデヴ

うわー私の日本語は小学校の一年生みたい! ねむいだからね。
実は、最近よく寝られないんだ。 どうしてかな。。。 病気? わからん。 
「あいたいーあいたい (会いたいーあ、痛い) という冗談があるけど」

デヴくんに会いたいわ! だめなんだ。 でも、夢の中に会えるだろう。。。
じゃ! すぐ寝るわ! :p 
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