December 12th, 2005


webpage index and work update

While working on my Japan webpage stuff, I made a nice index for all my geocities things [finally!]

Well, one final is down and I started studying for lit. There are so many names in Tale of Heike that sound alike...And I thought Genji was tough! Also, the poetry is nice but there's not much about it that stands out to me to remember...hmmm. Oh and I have to finish my Genji paper! So much work and I am already wasting time poking at my webpages!! ~_~
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Braille, lit study, etc

I think you all know that I have written Braille letters before... Well, I figure that over break I will have the time to practice more in Braille, so I joined a site which offers all sorts of exercises, etc (here).

Besides this, I spent the rest of the day studying for lit. Eww there's dates to memorize and names, too ~_~ I haven't studied before this so it's been a lo~~ng day of notes. I am bored out of my mind, teehee

Tomorrow is the lit test and then the rest of the day will be finishing my Genji paper. Not too bad, but I better stop playing around on the internet and start working^^
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