December 23rd, 2005


Metropolis & Doctor Zhivago

Well, the past two days have been filled with Classic films!

Yesterday my brother and I read the novel Metropolis (Harbou) and then today we watched the silent movie (1927).
It was actually pretty funny 'cause Matt was sitting on the loveseat and I was leaning over his shoulder to annoy him, but ended up reading the last 50 pages of the story (I, uh, missed the first 150 pages :p)...But the story when I started reading was so gripping!
And the movie was pretty wild! It was my first silent film, so it was something a bit different. Really, though I had fun and became quite fond Freder. Poor Freder! The layout of the city and scene compositions was very interesting, but the makeup did get on my nerves a bit... My favorite scene was when Freder met Maria in the underground and bid her farewell! Aww. It made for a unique afternoon, to say the least!

In the evening, we finished Doctor Zhivago - a Russian story with epic music :p I had seen it first in Croatia at Delfina's house and fell for Pasha. (Pasha is also the name of Mrs. Hamamoto's first Guide Dog XD *squeee* I wanna hug a dog :3) Anyway!! Pasha turned out not to be such a nice guy, but, ah...well I'll forgive him :p In all, the story was not too heartwarming - actually the scenes of the snow made me cold! And it was a bit drawn out...but I had fun watching it, too^^

Yay movies! I want screencaps...but stills of Metropolis are a bit disturbing and there are next to NO still caps from Dr Zhivago ;_; much to my disappointment!! Think of the icons that could be made! ;_;

[Edit 12:22am- I came up with one's the only picture I could find! T_T Poor Pasha does look a bit scary :p Too bad I couldn't come up with anything better, but it will do!^^]

Well, as you can see, the flavor of this Christmas is...very strange...(considering that usually I am obsessing about LOTR, Quenya, Master & Commander, things like that! ...btw, Hollom again graces my layout^^ Merry Christmas Hollom!)
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